Saturday, January 31, 2009

first snow -
the mailman's cycle
with new tires


première neige -
le vélo du facteur
chaussé de pneus neufs

Chill clouds gathering
the winds about them like a
snow-speckled perfume.

old friends leaving -
snow falls
fills their footprints

Friday, January 30, 2009

up the frozen hill
windows' welcoming glow
waterfalls of light

today's top to-do
reminding male coworkers
V-Day in two weeks

Pat is the Spring 09 Administrator

Thanks to Pat for volunteering to be the administrator.

Pat and I will be working on formatting the site. Pat will be doing most of the work; I am the consultant.

Pat will be sending emails later.

Pat, I sent 2 emails to your gmail and yahoo accounts. Check your spam folder, if you don't see them.

Diane, Thanks for volunteering to be the spam checker. Pat will admit you soon.

Keep warm, ya'll


Greek fire
- refill the glass?

glass tinkle branchlets
timpani deep step crunch
utter silence cracked

stirs the sleeping owl -

gangly creatures with strange wings

tapping her maples

grey pig
wrinkles red nose
delves in heap of snow

The heart of winter -
stopped? No, covered
in snow like you.

* * *

Talven sydän -
pysähtynyt? Ei, vain lumen
alla kuin sinä.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

day after storm
brown grass turning green
in the melting ice

pristine slice of ice
tossed aside to clear a path
forever broken

well-polished blankets
sculpted by a master hand
brighten their tombstones

For Debi

a sliver of light
slices through
the icy landscape
beneath the snow
a dormant seed awaits

Vic Gendrano

appeal to heaven

shriek over the winter wind –

spring-trap stays clamped shut

sharp scrapes -
my neighbour's shovel
through silence and snow

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Liezl

winter chill
she just receives
her layoff notice

Vic Gendrano

icy morning
car cleaning race with neighbor
salt skitters on the ice

hunger-haunted wolves

gray house-cat trapped in thicket

snowflake on eyelash

Sunshine blares on snow,
Trumpets shadows to the barn.
The cow stays inside.

salvation dangles

from the new hole in the sky

a glorious worm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snowy morning
only intrusion on lawn
mail carrier's tracks

New Administrator Needed Soon

Last year, we ended the Winter Haiku on Feb 13th.

Who wants to take over for this spring?

Winter garden

January day -
My long shadow stretching
to the front door.

* * *

Tammikuun päivä -
pitkä varjoni venyy
ovelle saakka.

weeee! running, skidding
down, pull, grunt, slip-into-pole
crash! laughing in snow

in the sleet
a small bird calls
and takes a sunflower seed

light frost on window

momentarily blurred world

her breath blown on glass

footprints from her house

enduring craters dug deep

my disappointment

Monday, January 26, 2009

crackling fire -
music of life, call of death -
cracking of felled tree

first light
flock of birds
rise to meet the day

notes floating -
Holy Cross Marching Band
practicing for Mardi Gras

lunar new year--
the baby waves
her dumpling fists

Sunday, January 25, 2009

quickening current

snowmelt swells the wide river

unrestrained desire

dry snow-covered plain

wind-swept drifts shift ceaselessly

miscarrying time

haiku for zen speug's john mac...

reverentially remove cap
Burns' two-hundred-and-fiftieth today -
pour out the firewater

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the new mom wiping tears
with a burp cloth

weekend commute
children playing kickball
dog joins one side

ice lace on window
gray Tabby breathes most warm mist
curled snug against cold wind

she watches robins
red red robins feed in snow
cat is content to sleep

day rise -
I slowly peel
a clementine


lever du jour -
je pèle lentement
une clémentine


the woody cone
of the giant sequoia -
the small green egg on the path

new arrivals
to this winter world
as i take my leave

Friday, January 23, 2009

morning commute
crows light on frozen runoff
stray cat flicks it tail

singular snowflake

floating falling fimbrial

delicate flower

crisp morning -
white sails on
blue lake

bitter wind--
all the sweetness captured
in this clementine

Thursday, January 22, 2009

chilly night chore
finding air pump to fix flat
and making change

Lichen Winter Trees

dawn light
the lichens shine
from bare branches

Photo trees in the forest by simonsterg

in the street...

outside the door
an old ironing board
and a brand new rocking chair

melting ice
and flattened beer can
winter's grit on path

hunger moon--
the deer's neck stretched to reach
the last tree bark

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

stoop flower pot
pansies bushier
after melting snow


I looked, but
no winter here
only water cold forest

sporting a snow cap:
child-painted bright blue bird house,
rocked by skeletal tree

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

through the window
snow blanketing the lawns
and empty streets

Eden: Pre-Dawn

Last week’s snow, now ice,
blackened, burdened, breaks off and
blocks the catch-basin.

Wind dies, mist thickens.
Raindrops fall, fast, then faster,
start to pool, then rise.

Halogen flood-lamp
reveals the rainbows flowing
down the rain-rinsed street.

Pile of papers soaks
through. Still-legible headline:
“Water Found on Mars!”

in the crystallined snow
the first primrose -
pale and alone

Monday, January 19, 2009

office door ajar -
waiting for the farm cat
to find my heater.

Having Lunch

Not possible
Martin Luther King and I
eating in 1960

if pass FBI checks,
Mr. Obama and I could
share a sandwich

first snowfall -
each branch laden
with a ghostly one



snow arrives
under the willow tree
daffodil shoots

gerald england


tramp -
steam from his soup
warming his face

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Sun

how bright her wide smile!
warmly winking me out to
fresh arctic ambush

those vanished years

that he could see but not touch,
blurred and indistinct...

Wrong again...

much milder today
said breakfast radio -
but ice and fog did stay

Saturday, January 17, 2009

waking in the cold -
the spider's presence betrayed
by the moonlight

weekend chores
two sips of coffee before
taking out the trash

On The Black Mountain

outside the windswept chapel
the soft sound of sleet and gravel
falling on the wooden lid

in a garden...

quick brown birds
chirp and frrip
through the barren cherry tree

sunlight glides
and a white cap sparkles
on the last red apple

Shrouded in fog
the lone pomegranate
in the courtyard


Around falling leaves
a lone dreaming flower--


The half moon
on her neck reminds of love
before departure


flood waters crest--
a coffin bobs
to the surface

"urgent" in red
on the envelope -
his greeting card


"lettre prioritaire"
en rouge sur l'enveloppe -
sa carte de vœux

Friday, January 16, 2009

early commute-
extra hot Americano
for a hand warmer

In the Harbor

Long, thin-necked, gray crane
lifts un-mapped boulders from depths

Blue-green ‘gainst slate sky,
purposefully advances
the gas-filled tanker.

Weak, clear waves wash and
wash a bobbing buoy. Drops freeze,
forming icicles.

in the window...

a solitary star above
the street lamp
opposite this room's reflection

once, she had such wings!
thermals lifting into light -
until darkness fell

Cold winds pluck at skin,
teasing hair from scarves and the
feeling from old bones.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

today's mail-
winter sales circulars and
flower catalougues

To Princeton

Crunch-crunch-crunch. Ice, crushed,
crumbles underfoot: the sole
sound our night march makes.

singing again
her favorite lullabye--

Letting Her Sleep In

Green tea steeps, steaming.
Still she sleeps, dreaming. Still dark,
Day starts without her.


from the garden
the crows flap away
with their scorched bacon

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wintry night
walking to the front door
the lawn crackles

leading edge of steel
charcoal cloud roof marches in
closing off the sky

sunset breaks dark clouds -
tart band of orange rind,
flavoring the day

winter morning -
two old friends
snow in our hair

Brave New World

Clumsily climbing
About his sleeping mother,
Bruin breathes his first.

frosty cobbles -
in the hay filled stable
the year's first lambs.

Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh

Through winter mists
all life appears to fade
-only chimney smoke
to recall the hidden fire
burning deep within the heart.

the taut plunk
of a cello string breaking--

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blinking the tears back
boxing up Yuki's* toys
that amused us both

*Yuki the white cat died last week

ferrying night
from dusk to dawn
winter moon

Five from Belle Isle Marsh, Slack-tide, January

Small boat with chipped paint,
abandoned ‘mong reeds, settles
twice-daily to rest.

From cold mud, air seeps
Through shallow salty froth. Safe…
‘til plucked next low tide.

Slick, slimy sludge cakes
on clam-digger’s boots. His hands,
Frozen, bloody, work.

Ice-winged, big, mad gulls
Glide in wide arcs. Bulging eyes
spy just-spilled garbage.

Madonna rising
from atop the hill, with grace,
can be seen from here.

thawing out...

the icy finger
stuck in the tap drip drip drips
in the kitchen sink

when the fire is lit
and the flames are roaring -
she brings more wood

Monday, January 12, 2009

trees shudder
in the winter wind-

basement surprise-
on overwintering shrub
small green leaf

dawn - light runs
through the branches
lighting-up the cherry tree

this snowflake:
if only my world
was fashioned so

I'm down for the count

Folks, I'm still here, I realize that not everyones website has been displayed, but I am really quite sick, almost to the point of being hospitalized for a really nasty blood infection, and I dont have as much time as I'd like to mess with the blog. I've given admin rights to the previous owner (surprise surprise), and if she wants to take up this mantle, then more power to her. Just give me another week or so, and I should be right as rain.

Fruit and Spices

cinnamon and cloves
hot and sweet oranges
still the smell lingers
photo Mulled Wine by jsarcardia


Scampering o’er snow
And street, squirrels, seeking seeds,
Don’t know it’s Monday.

like a black flower unfolding...

the dozen crows
gathered together
suddenly fly apart

Sunday, January 11, 2009

winter grows
most beautiful blossoms:
frost flowers

* * *

talvi kasvattaa
kauneimmat kukat:
jäätä ikkunassa

Cat sits at window
Silent, watches the snow fall
Stretches, moves to chair, sleeps

snowed in--
a child etches her name
in window rime

Saturday, January 10, 2009

trees, endlessly bare,
punctuated with pockets
of life - squirrel nests

Winter Afternoon at the Zoo

Stretched out on a rock,
Lioness lay lazily,
Snubbing zoo-goers.

hanging by 3 threads:
yellow leaf
in spiderweb

first snow -
the rustling of his steps
to the bus stop


première neige -
le crissement de ses pas
vers l'arrêt de bus

Friday, January 9, 2009

driving to doctor-
melon sun swooping upwards
through the bare trees

Wet noses, dry coughs.
Cold, slow days and sleepless nights.
Wish you weren’t alone.

Goalposts like gravestones
Stick up from the frozen snow.
Victory lives on.

Winter: Glints of light
Ricochet off crystal ice.
Beacons everywhere!

sunshine in bare trees
treachery in shadows

Naval cadets
master the waves in Peacock Bay
pelicans bathe



Fit of sneezes
no winter allergy:
thinking of sex


Wet from the night's rain,
the grass spongy underfoot --
crows watch me pass by.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The sun shines
on the winter blooms:
our first rose


winter tummies rule
even the big-bellied cat
trips my legs for treats

full moon -
a field
of newly fallen snow

napping in a cave
of heavy, nestled blankets
outside, the wide wind

Torn strips of paper -
the clouds resemble a day
of highland longings.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a new perfume
in the air brings back
old memories-
warmer today
than yesterday

rainy morning
after two snooze alarms
facing the day

two morning haiku

frosty morning - 
glancing between
the wilted pansy and me

monday morning - 
heavy skies press me deep
into my pillow

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

early commute
double dutch in the park
wanting a turn

winter night--
from the lake a silver blob
breaks free and rises

Monday, January 5, 2009

the living room
suddenly empty -
Twelfth Night

weekend ginko
rimed tufts of grass
bending in the breeze

Snowflakes quietly float
settling piece by piece
changing the world

Empty Nests

barren trees still hold
snow mounds tiny empty nests
gone springs gift of life

where once came to drink
with colors fair and splendid
solid ice remains

sun released:
frozen puddles
run into the stream

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kessmas day

Kessmas day
thru t’ cemet'ry raihlins
ollie berries poak

words and photo © gerald england


-18 °C
a New Year's resolution:
not going out today

* * *

-18 °C
uuden vuoden lupaus:
ei ulos tänään

Saturday, January 3, 2009

beaconing beach grass
tall fronds glow in frozen light
my companions home

brisk morning
my breath follows me
to the car

North Pole wind -
the metallic song
of catenaries


vent du pôle Nord -
le chant métallique
des caténaires

Friday, January 2, 2009

6:30 am
came a little bit brighter
winter is waning

during last cold snap
rats start nesting in my car
expensive eviction


where have you come from

how have you travelled

and what gifts do you bring?

Photo coldpath by simonsterg

Gare du Nord station
as I drink Paris coffee
with my wife
snow looks like polka dots
in reverse on umbrellas

all my best,
With Words

Crisp packets decorate
bare twigs of dogwood shrubs
multi-coloured flowerheads.

winter sunset -
cherry tree's branches

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day –
the changing wind
shortening our walk

New Year's Day -
one minute of sun

To have peace
we have to change,
to have a change,
we have to wish
to make the difference

Bitter cold outside -
the ashes of a fire
where smokers kept warm.

The new year snuggles
in a crescent moon cradle
atop the palm fronds
while yellow unripe coconuts
like new suns, keep vigil